buenas dias ciao




I guess...

i will never grow up stop laughing sticking out

my tongue at anyone falling standing up loving drinking with friends and strangers alike

dancing as if nobody is watching skinny dipping

singing out of tune walking out of all paths

stealing moments and cherries

wanting to fly

i promise you nothing and all


P.s.: You might think of me as a crazy child-like weirdo. And you will be absolutely right.

My goal is to always push the sky away

"We were born naked. The rest is drag"

Ru Paul

so here I am with some of the bits and pieces

that brings out the quiet


and finishes my very own special blend

of life experience

Olga & Jakub

prague art elopement photographer

“ We would like to thank you for being part of the most beautiful day of our lives.”

You have managed to capture every moment the way it felt like. All of the emotions, laughter, tears, love, joy, light, and sounds are coming back to us when we browse through the photos. It's memories we'll cherish for the rest of our lives.

Paola & Manuel

How you were able to document our wedding day is incredible

All our emotions, expressions and happiness in a totally candid way. We are speechless. Your photos brought back all of the feelings from that day, I didn't even know that's possible. You have a gift and we are so so glad to choose you as our photographer.

With much love, gratitude, and appreciation,

Paola & Manuel

Ashley & Chen Xing

We are forever grateful that our paths have crossed with yours.

After taking our pre-wedding photos in Prague. We were so impressed that having Jonatan documenting our wedding in Sanya was the easiest decision ever. Amount of emotion and little moments captured over the time he spent with us is simply astounding.

Thank you!