Tonje and Christian decided to go with the idea of a little adventure instead of classical pre-wedding meeting. And so we hiked, explored and even got to dip in a teal cool waters..

We missed only George’s „What else?“


Pat White West Virginia 6-0 197 2-5 Analysis: White is an accomplished runner and passer, having combined for more than 10,000 yards — 6,051 passing — in his career.
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Rodgers might have been the unanimous choice this season if his counting numbers weren’t deflated by so many games that ended by halftime in Lambeau Field.
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Yesterday, the wall on the right side 45 live a miserable life in the three points must win.The shooting location is Owen puts up the location of the many times.Today was asked Owen saw wall dead there is what feeling
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Owen said: „Cleveland need game.“Indeed, they rested for too long.In green, and the wizards to after the tiebreak, the beginning of the knight’s eastern conference finals first time has pushed the next Wednesday.
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Tonje & Christian | Pre-Wedding | Abandoned Quarry – Crazy Wedding Photographer | Jonatan Jan
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