Being crazy enough to run in to a modern art gallery with me gets you a lot of bonus points (first of all you support the gallery, second it makes me happy as a little kid and third you still get to see the exhibition). Cool, right?

P.s.: I need to thank Olga and Jakub, THE brave punks! Dox gallery for being such an inspirational place (and not kicking us out) and Eliška (JEDINA) for lending us the beautiful dress.


Obviously, the right to occupy a team-high 21.6 shots of Michael Owen, but failed to hit as James scores, this let a person feel, Owen has become a „cancer“ of the knight.But many fans also feel,
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With three points to beat John wall, the day before yesterday the wizards will competition into the tiebreak wars, 8:00 tomorrow the wizards will be tie-break at Celtic and rival.
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Olga&Jakub | Lovestory | DOX – Prague – Crazy Wedding Photographer | Jonatan Jan
ehodciyts http://www.g515581s08qiqw04ml8r8ri8vg2j9ku8s.org/

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