Being the first ones to ride up the white road. Not turning back in a milk-like fog. And keeping the good humor when the temperature dropped to mere -12 °C.. Rewarded us with this  almost surreal frozen forest backdrop. And with these two. Nothing more to wish for…



Layup is a very basic basketball skills maybe everyone layup but there is a way of layup is not everyone that is wrong step layup.
jordan 32

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The noises and stressful the playoffs.“We are eager to match.“Owen said.Knight should first game will be on Thursday in east, and before them
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Owen said: „Cleveland need game.“Indeed, they rested for too long.In green, and the wizards to after the tiebreak, the beginning of the knight’s eastern conference finals first time has pushed the next Wednesday.
air jordan 32

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The NBA playoffs now for today, have determined the warriors in the western conference and will compete for a spot in the finals quota, knight still don’t know who his opponent was.However, even in the face of the celtics or the wizards, presumably knight will be
kyrie 4 confetti

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Carey – Owen about injury of varese, said it happened out how knight players want to play games.“I was about to enter a 5 on 5 game, but after three seconds, varese is injured
nmd human race

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Jana & Sebastien | Connection| Frozen Woods – Crazy Wedding Photographer | Jonatan Jan
znsglbcxp http://www.gf8o1it812a4bq9byi8284ih08c7p5p2s.org/

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Mais genre… Ahahaha mon petit Seb

j’ai essayé de battre ton record de vitesse par contre … sorry imbattable. „Quelques mots“ reste un record absolu

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